Artist Terms and Conditions

  1. Artist must not copy any other artist’s design. In case of any copyright claim, your design will immediately be removed.
  2. Artist must follow the guidelines to upload new products. Any product, not following the guidelines, will not be published
  3. All the products will be checked by Manhoos Admins and will update in 48hrs
  4. Artist must use the Mock-ups given by Manhoos. You may add any other picture if you want, but the primary picture must be Manhoos Mock-up.
  5. Artist can only products the category available at Manhoos. If you wish to add new category, you can contact us.
  6. In case of any customization/request, you may reach out to us at IG and FB messenger.
  7. Artist withdrawal will only be accepted once reached the limit. And will take 48hrs to process it.
  8. Once the item has been commissioned through Artist store it is Artist’s property, in case of return and / or refusal of customer to accept the parcel the seller will be held liable for the costs of the parcel, these costs will be (in most cases) deducted from the seller’s earnings to mitigate any costs incurred (including delivery). Artist can (i) ship all returned items to his/her location (Shipping charges will apply depending upon the amount of items) or (ii) keep them in Manhoos warehouse and Manhoos will refund the amount if receive another order with same details (design, size and color)
  9. Artist will get 15% commission on sales. For any discussion, you may reach us out at
  10. Manhoos holds the right to cancel any order in case of interruption in manufacturing or delivery process.
  11. Artist have to pay for their samples
  12. Manhoos holds the right to amend terms and conditions without any prior notice.
  13. You must mention in your store page bio unless agreed upon otherwise.